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Breakfast Ideas

-A piece of low glycemic fruit: green apple, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, grapefruit or other.
-Miso soup
-Veggie Omelet (try to find organic or free range eggs) Try spinach, tomato, red bell pepper, asparagus, broccoli, zucchini, a bit of green or red onion, a few black olives etc.
-Scrambled eggs with guacamole or fresh avocado slices.
-Sweet potato porridge (mash a cooked sweet potato with almond milk, cinnamon, sea salt)
-Homemade seed cereal - In a food processor blend, any 3 of the following well:  pumpkin seed, chia seed, flax seed, hemp seed, sunflower seed, dried shredded unsweetened coconut) add hot water and stir well. Add cinnamon, stevia or raw honey, and almond milk if desired.
-Oatmeal (soaked overnight) with cinnamon, coconut oil, sea salt, stevia or raw honey.
-Fresh coconut
-Sunflower seed butter on celery, cucumber slices or sprouted whole grain toast.
- Dairy-free yogurt made from coconut milk or almond milk. (These sometimes have sugar added, so read the label)
-Sweet potato hash - Diced sweet potato, onion, chickpeas and spinach hashed in coconut oil. Plus sea salt and pepper.
-Nut butters (almond, cashew, sunflower seed butter etc.) on red pepper slices, cucumber slices, celery sticks or on sprouted whole grain toast.
-Hummus with veggies such as cucumber, carrots, zucchini etc.
-Sprouted whole grain toast with butter or coconut oil and a few slices of fresh avocado.
-Hard boiled eggs
-Egg and avocado wraps using brown rice tortilla or on sprouted whole grain toast
-Romaine lettuce wraps (See Recipe Section), use romaine leaves and spread with hummus, add some baked chicken  and some thinly sliced peppers, cucumber etc.
-Fried plantains in coconut oil, sprinkled with sea salt
-Hot cereal made from buckwheat, tapioca, quinoa, millet or amaranth.
-Leftovers from last night's dinner

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