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Raise your core temperature by 3.2 degrees in 20 minutes. 

Far Infrared Radiators

With patented semiconductor technology

Relax Sauna outputs the highest quality and levels of far infrared. The Relax Sauna's strength at 1400 watts makes it the most effective sauna for far infrared health therapy.

Far infrared increases your core temperature quickly because it is absorbed by the water molecules in your body.

The more far infrared energy a sauna emits, the faster the sauna will increase your core temperature. The heat increase is from within as opposed to heating the outside of your body via hot air like a traditional sauna.

We have professional users who have tested and proven this.


Relax Far Infrared Energy penetrates deeper than Near Infrared Saunas!

Only Resonating Far Infrared Energy pulsates the Water Molecules in you Body

Your body resonates (as do all mammals and birds) 9400 nanometers (9.4 microns), water at 8000 nanometers.

Our semi-conductor chip technology allows no wiggle room and filters out all energies that do not resonate with our cells.This includes Near Infrared, Mid Infrared and non-resonating Far Infrared greater than 14 microns (14000 nanometers).

Other saunas cannot get theses results since they are not able to focus their energy between 4000-14000 nanometers


Pulsating the water molecules in your body creates a Dynamic Cascading effect of...

Increasing Core Temperature (killing Lyme Spirochetes, pathogens, viruses, etc)

Activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System (producing deep Profound Relaxation)

Activating Mitochondria to produce ATP and Nitric Oxide (enhancing oxygenation of the body)

Increasing Micro-circulation (ameliorating diabetic ulcers, scar tissue, neuropathy, Reynaud's)

Mobilizing the Lymphatic System (detoxifying heavy metals, Dioxins, Phylates, metabolic waste)

Relax Sauna

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